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WMI Event Log Sensor: This sensor reads the Windows Event Log and provides easy-to-read visuals of the data. Event Log (Windows API) Sensor: This sensor uses the Windows Application Programming Interface (API). WMI Security Center Sensor: This sensor monitors any product which can be inspected by the Windows Security Center..


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Aug 09, 2022 . Event Log (Windows API) Sensor. The Event Log (Windows API) Sensor lets you monitor Windows log files such as system and application logs. If the number of log entries per second rises, PRTG will sound the alarm. This sensor is also available as a Event Log (Windows API) sensor or a WMI Event Log sensor..


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Jan 21, 2021 . Name of the sensor that triggered the event (including sensor type) %sensor %nodename: Name of the node if in a cluster: Might not work in older versions %objecttags: All tags of a sensor: Available as of PRTG 20.1.56 %parenttags: All tags of a sensor's parent objects: Available as of PRTG 20.1.56 %prio: Sensor priority setting %priority %priority.


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Oct 25, 2021 . File sensor, Folder sensor, Event Log (Windows API) sensor, and other sensors on Windows: PE178: The domain login is denied (%s). To resolve this issue, enter Credentials for Windows Systems with sufficient access rights in the device settings. File sensor, Folder sensor, Event Log (Windows API) sensor, and other sensors on Windows: PE179.


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Feb 22, 2022 . PRTG packet sniffer sensor output screen. The Syslog Receiver module in Paessler PRTG will prove more security scanning features to your system defense strategy. Network attacks leave a paper trail and gathering Syslog and Windows Event Log messages is step one in your vulnerability scan strategy. PRTG Syslog Receiver screen.


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****PreventDosAttack can be enabled from Plain Config > System and will only log unsuccessful login attempts and correspondingly log when a source IP-address is blocked. User management configuration From AXIS OS 10.9 and onwards, user configuration related changes are logged in the system log and can therefore be sent to a remote syslog server..


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Nov 27, 2019 . PRTG differs from other tools on the market in its use of what Paessler calls "sensors." These sensors are the basic monitoring elements of the tool. One sensor, for example, might monitor the CPU load of a server, while another sensor might monitor disk drive space. PRTG comes with multiple preconfigured SNMP sensors..


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